About Me

Sheri Matthews Flowers & Freckles

Hi! I’m Sheri. Thanks for stopping by.

Flowers & Freckles is my creative outlet. Created originally when I was at uni, knee deep in boring-as-hell-history-books, it became my place to explore the world of fashion, beauty, food, travel, and everything in between. It satisfied my yearning to write, create and be part of something.

A few years later when I joined The Adult World and got a Proper Job, I took a slightly-more-than-brief, hiatus from blogging because staring at a screen for 8 hours a day and then staring at another for some more hours in the evenings didn’t really appeal (I mean, come on).

It’s been a few more years since then and now my day job is slightly less creative than it used to be and while I’m very happy off being Busy & Important, here I am again, with that same yearning to write, create and be part of something. So here we are, Flowers & Freckles 2.0, if you will.

Here you’ll find mostly my jumbled ramblings but I will try and focus them on the following areas: Beauty, Travel, Interiors/DIY, Feminism, Food and Life Advice.

You’ve made it this far, why not stick around a little and see if there’s anything you like?

S x